May 2014 sales figures are in for the FR-S and BRZ and they remain strong after 2 years of sales (sales first began in May 2012).

854 BRZ and 1,662 FR-S were sold in May.

Thursday May 29, 2014 18:58

Subaru has just announced a special edition BRZ – the Series Blue BRZ.

1,000 units will be produced and despite the name, half of the total Series Blue BRZ built will be in World Rally Blue Pearl while the other half will be made in Crystal White Pearl.

Check out the full details and pricing INSIDE.

Thursday May 29, 2014 17:21

The FR-S, 86 and GT86 have now cumulatively sold 100,000 units globally! The largest markets were the US (approx. 35,000 sold), Japan (39,000) and Australia (10,000).

Watch Formula D driver Tony Angelo get behind the wheel of his brand new 2014 Scion FR-S and do what he does best, hammer down, and have fun [Video]!

This is really his brand new street car, and this is not recommended by anyone.

Wednesday May 21, 2014 14:39

Italian GT86 and BRZ owners got together for their 4th meet.

Check out their meet photos INSIDE.

Cosworth has posted this teaser video announcing its power package and parts coming for the FA20 platform (FR-S and BRZ).

Cosworth: For 2014 we are bringing this to our Performance Parts range – providing complete performance upgrade kits that have been designed and validated as a system to provide guaranteed levels of power and reliability.

First for the Cosworth Power Package treatment ..? the FA20 engine platform … coming soon.

Thursday May 15, 2014 13:23

Toyota has officially announced details and pricing of the 2015 Scion FR-S.

By FRSupra

There has been an influx lately on the topic that maybe forced induction isn’t needed. People are talking, realizing. And it’s not just FI for that matter. I have read more intelligent, more satisfying posts on the forum than I’ve seen since joining back in 12.

Members are starting to reach a satisfaction without a need, something I have experienced since day one. I believe there are two kinds of 86 owners at this point, those that have not yet come to a realization and those that know what they have. “Wait, what’s this guy talking about?”, you’re probably saying, “There could be an infinite number of reasons to buy this car, and that’s in the eye of the beholder.” Continued HERE