Wednesday November 2, 2011 21:44

New FR-S BRZ Technology Info (Now Fully Translated)

As many of you have already seen on the site today, we’ve posted more technology info on the FR-S / BRZ. These materials cover more aspects of the car’s technology than we’ve previously posted.

New specs revealed include specific engine specs/technology, weight split, center of gravity, drag coefficient, physical dimensions, and other interesting bits. See INSIDE for the full translated scans and info. Here are some of the key points:

460mm from ground to the center of the crank/gravity (low CG)
53:47 F/R weight split
0.27 Cd (coefficient of drag)
D-4S DI engine tech (direct injection pairs with secondary EFI)
1,998cc Displacement
200 HP
151.2 ft-lbs torque
7400rpm redline
12.5:1 Compression ratio
86mm x 86mm bore/stroke
Mcpherson front suspension / Double wishbone rear
Rear seats fold (as one unit)
Cup holders can slide / be removed
Can carry 4 tires in rear