Friday April 13, 2012 00:35

Subaru BRZ Japanese Market Deliveries Pushed to Next Year Due to High Demand

The Japanese daily Nikkei is reporting that due to overwhelming demand (orders), Japanese market deliveries of the Subaru BRZ will be pushed to January 2013.

The Gunma factory is unable to keep up with the production necessary to keep deliveries (which are already four times the amount that Fuji Heavy Industries had anticipated) on schedule.

This comes less than one month after the BRZ and FR-S began production last month on March 16th, and only two weeks after the BRZ went on sale in Japan on March 28th.

No word on whether the FR-S (86/GT-86) will be subject to the same delivery delays (although that seems very possible given its high demand as well) and it’s unclear yet how this will affect other markets’ deliveries, including the US and Canada.

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